Vicky is 26 years old with a degree in Psychology and Psychotherapy. She was working 3 years with people dealing with Psychologycal problems. She loves athletics and most of all Cycling. She left Athens 6 months ago, went to Spain with her bike to give a hand repairing a beatifull old house. Her interest on people’s behaviour, feelings and lifestyle gave her a push to travel to the East side of the world and explore Asia.
She has good perspectives for this trip and her goals are to overcome fears and be more independent.
Always loving the countryside, tomatoes, and the light of the stars on the dark sky.


Tony is a programmer & designer that has been working on many different areas. From networks and administrating Nodes at some big companies, to working on bicycle shop to enjoy the taste of building something with his own hands.

Quite a bit of bad sitting ass has been fooled by art itself to go and discover what is the next thing for the bit of canvas available to paint some story. Quite moody in the mornings – nothing that a cup of coffe can´t solve. Has an intrigating passion to catch fish for dinner and except from those little fish fooled to fall in his net is a vegetarian.


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