From camp to camp

Fabrezan – carcassone

Yet another day more. Yet another windy day. Even stronger wind, of course. It might be the extra km of last night. But the wind is truly picking up and playing with my nerves. We stop, look at our phones. It’s going to be windy throughout the next couple of days. We wanted to get to Carcassonne today. We have a better look at the map. No municipal camping = a big FAIL for us. We either stop and call it a day before carcassonne, or after and carry on for many more kilometers than what we were willing to do with the headwind battle set up for our rejoice.

Panoráma_CarcassonneOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIMG_20130512_121708

So up we go and pedal to carcassonne. We enjoy the city (quite briefly that is). We go around a bit, and enjoy the disney like castle (ok maybe it’s the other way around, right?). From here we decide to just take the so convenient train stop and jump on a ride that will take us the smallest amount in some other direction so that the pedaling is not 100% against the wind. And so after 45km (the nearest stop we managed get out of the train), we hop off the train and ride to the next village with camping municipale on the map.


That is Castelnaudary, and so far is among the nicest and prettiest little cities that we have had the pleasure to see. Small and cute. It has a river, a lake and a municipal camping.


Such camping turns out to be closed, BUT we do see a group of folks eating something inside. We ask, and are invited in and to eat something. They are carrying out a project to aid at Burquina Faso, building up equality and education with some of their projects. Speaking to them in our rusty french and some spanish they tell us to stay for the night, – no problemo avec la bici- they thought at first we had a van, but – Go bikers go! So everyone loves our madness and we love their tasty dinner 😀

Mission accomplished and we fill again grateful for the given opportunity to share other people’s lives, projects and ideas.

Otro dia mas y mas viento y mas fuerte. Tb noto los km de ayer, pero el viento es insoportable. El caso es que miramos el tiempo en el canal local y mañana seguirá igual, viento en contra y encima, vemos que queríamos ir a carcassonne del tirón, pero tras revisar bien, vemos que no tiene camping municipal. FAIL. es o quedarnos antes o pasar muchos km. Así que al final decidimos seguir, y llegamos a carcassonne, y tras ver brevemente la ciudad (que impresiona con su castillo a lo disney, aunque yo ya habia estado aqui) y de aquí nos cogemos un tren hasta el siguiente pueblo cercano con camping municipal. LLegamos a Castelnaudary y cerramos 45km en bici con este viento.Sorpresa, Castelnaudary es de las ciudades mas bonitas que hemos visto. Pequeña, pero bonita. Con su Río, Lago, y un camping entero para nosotros. Resulta que esta cerrado y al llegar vemos un grupo de gente comiendo dentro del camping. Preguntamos y nos dicen que pasemos a comer con ellos. Tienen un proyecto para Burkina Faso, ayudando allí, con temas de igualdad social, y educación. Hablando con ellos entre francés (que se me da mal) y español (que se me da algo mejor) nos dicen que nos quedemos en el camping, que en bici no pasa nada y pensaban que íbamos en caravana.Go bikers go! A todos les encanta la idea, y a nosotros nos sabe genial la cena.


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