windy winds

Leucate – Fabrezan 43 Km (plus a bit more…)


As we woke up and looked around, we realized what we were on the nearest area to the leucate’s climb. That is Leucate’s port. Leucate being at the top. Good way to start 😛 So we had to treat ourselves with a breakfast of some morning climbing kilometers- dressed with some cold morning head wind- great!

The rest of the day was therefore slow. It is very VERY windy. The wind is thrown in our face in such a way that for a while we are literally stuck. Why u peddal but no move!??

We decided to make a quick stop, that comes up as the perfect gas station, where a lovelly lady and her two dogs on her holly van saves us a good 20k of road and offers a ride to the next village. And so jump in and fly againts the winds. Note for those travelling, you should up 20km more to reach the destination as we did not add them here. Hey, thanks a bunch Andrea!

Andrea speaks some good English, French (of course) and fair amount of Spanish. She is originally from Belgium, towards where she is heading now. She is this kind of older hippie lady who truly does whatever she likes, carried by her van with the included bed. She is truly kind, we can see it in her eyes and listen it in her voice. Life doesn´t seem to have been the kindest to her though, and yet, she offers her hand to us – two cyclist that wander off towards her on a bike in the middle of nowhere.


After a big thanks, a picture and a couple of kind words, we jump off the van to continue with the nerve wracking head wind. Kilometers ticking by very slowly. We used to love every bit, but ferocious head winds makes even the smallest monster in your head grow and shout a bit. So we stop and decide to eat something in a beautiful square, where we order a big pizza in a packed place, and decide to not stay on the crowded eatery but to head to the square we just passed by, and eat there enjoying the sun. We liked the small village of Bizanet. Keep in mind this name: Bizanet, the true protagonist of the day.

After eating, the wind settled a bit, and we rode for a couple of hours more, reaching Fabrezan. Oh god YES! Thanks for the Camping Municipale! In this place it appears as tiny bit of grass plus a couple of outlets, and some toilets etc. Cold water. We are over our heads! it is completely open (no fence, no nothing to check in whatsoever), meaning we can have a good rest and not be in a rush to leave in the morning. Remember, for us France is very expensive, and overpaying just to sleep in the floor without any commodity is something we are happy to save towards our budget if we can (nothing to resemble to entering a well maintained full of commodities (warm water, wify, washing machine, a guard…) to which we don´t mind that much and understand the value to pay for). We will rest and recover a bit more after the battle against the wind. Yay! For us these little areas where you can just arrive and crush for a night without disturbing anyone is among the greatest treats we are finding. Nowadays everything is a business and pure benefit and money seems the only purpose of doing anything. At all.


With these thoughts in our heads we set up the tent, and start to think of the rest we are going to have. Remember the pizza place? Remember the village? What about it’s name? Remember BIZANET, right? So it turns out Vicky’s wallet is missing. We try to remember what the hell we did and what’s the last place we saw it… I bet you is on the bench where we ate. In the lovely square. Think once, think twice, and no one else is going to solve the problem, so I decide to put on some music, put on some gloves for the chill wind that never stopped, get some water and off I go. And I am flying now, with the wind pushing on my back. Oh this feels good. I pedal as hard as I can and get to Bizanet. It was a “short” day from there to where we camped (a 4 hour battle against the wind). But it with the wind in my back going downhill – maybe it was flat who knows! But sure without the big bags behind the whole world feels downhill! After 40 minutes is what it takes me to cover the 27km, ticking a good 30kmh mark after the couple of stops for orientation and well… breathing? And, YES! There’s the wallet! We deposited our faiths and pictured me getting there and spotting it just where we left it. And so it happened.

After this I didn´t fancy at all another head wind dash for yet another 27km opposite direction for the 3rd time on the same road. But there was no bus, no train, no nothing. I didn’t mind it that much though- even a tad tired- I simply turned up the volume , and enjoyed pushing the pedals as hard as I could, with the wind on my face cooling my way…


Total for me, another 89km 🙂




Resulta que al levantarnos e investigar un poco, vemos lo que pensaba al llegar anoche, que estamos en la zona mas cercana al puerto de leucate. Es decir leucate puerto. Leucate esta mas arriba, asi que desayunamos los primeros km cuesta arriba y con el viento en contra.El resto del dia, avanzamos de nuevo muy lentos, hace mucho, muchísimo viento. Hace tanto viento que tenemos que parar durante un rato, pues literalmente, no avanzabamos. En la parada, que por suerte coincidía con una gasolinera, nos encontramos a una señora con sus dos perros y su furgoneta que amablemente y tras ver que podíamos salir volando nos acerca al siguiente pueblo y nos ahorra unos 20km (están descontados del total, marcamos los que hacemos sobre la bici, sino no vale 😉 ). Gracias Andrea! Resulta que habla ingles, francés y español. Es belga y se va para allá. Es una hippie mas que en realidad, hace lo que le da la gana, con su furgoneta y su cama.Y seguimos mas km tortuosos, que se hacen realmente largos. Paramos a comer una pizza, y el sitio lleno, así que nos la vamos a comer a una placita, nos sentamos tranquilamente y disfrutamos del pueblo de Bizanet. Quedaros con el nombre, pues es el gran protagonista del dia.Despues de comer seguimos, y tras un par de horas mas llegamos a Fabrezan, dónde nos espera nuestro tercer OH SI! Camping Municipale :)Resulta un trocito de césped con varias tomas de corriente y agua, ademas de un par de baños. Con agua fría. Pero estamos encantados, este es totalmente abierto así que podremos descansar sin madrugar y así dejar pasar un poco de este viento que no para. Es bueno tener zonas así donde puedas llegar pasar una noche o dos, descansar y seguir, sin molestar a nadie e ir viendo mundo, que hoy en dia tenemos todo comercializado.Y así acaba el dia, cuando está a punto de oscurecer (queda como media hora o 40 minutos) y nos preparamos para ir a descansar. Recordáis el pueblito de las pizzas?BIZANET. Recordáis la bonita plaza donde comimos? Si? Pues viki acaba de darse cuenta que no tiene la cartera. Y haciendo memoria… está en el banco de la plaza. Desde la hora de comer. Así que nada, tras darle un par de vueltas decido que nadie mas lo va a solucionar y me pongo la musica a tope, cojo los guantes, dejo toda la carga y lleno de agua. Y vuelo hasta Bizanet (4 horas y media nos ha costado llegar). Viento a favor y cuesta abajo (puede que todo me parezca cuesta abajo sin 10kg de peso y con el viento atrás). En realidad llego en 40 minutos que es lo que tardo en hacer los 27km y me sale una media de 30km por hora aparte de las paradas de orientación.Y si, la cartera estaba (acto de Fe). Y no, no había bus de vuelta, ni tren ni nada. Así que música a tope de vuelta, viento de cara…


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