French ports

We stayed for an extra second night at Banyuls since we find our first Coach Surfer Host in France, a very kind Chilean guy called Daniel. He hosted us in his place and turns out he is doing a very interesting doctorate about evolution and the origin of thinking. He offers us his place to go in and out as we wish, and we decided to take the offer and have a good rest. After a great sleep, next morning we decide to keep on going north.

So next villages en route are: Banyuls-sur-mer Port-Vendres – Saint Ciprien. Le Bacares y Leucate Port with an increasing up and down road. Climbs get a little harder, ending in some strong mountain port climbs. Most of it a well paved road, and has some traffic, but we ride fast there. Later on we change the path a little and get into seaside roads, get across some nice small forests, a couple of rivers and a lake, and forestal path. Beautiful!

In the end we are quite tired, and around the 74th km of the day, we decide that the “municipale camping” is the best option to call it a day, and get some rest. We are starting to ride more and more kilometres per day, wich is great, and quite a nice weather.

2013-05-09 18.26.15

Some tail wind helped us during the day, and we finally find the first marks of the “eurovelo 8” bicycle trail. It turns out to be well prepared, separated from nearby urban areas and with a nice dedicated road. Google maps keeps being our best guide, and takes us across paths that we wonder how they got the data in the system.

It is supposed to exist a huge route starting from spain, across europe, but the reality is that we haven´t find a proper bike trail. Roads are good and perfectly cyclable, but except for some km of dedicated road most of it goes through secondary roads. We know from the maps that this might change sligtly on the next area in france, they seem to have prepared this a bit more, maybe for tourism.

At dawn we find the camping. No reception nor receptionist.

“Bad thing” is that the spot was full of 15-16 year old teenagers, drinking. It seems they like this spots to do their thing, but we have to say that they went to sleep early. I wonder if in Spain, this would have go on and on during most of the night. Darn.

Happy happy.





Segunda noche en Banyuls, pq encontramos un Coach Surfer, Daniel de Chile.nos acoge en su casa, y resulta que esta haciendo un doctorado, en un tema sobre la evolucion, y sobre el origen del pensamiento. Al final nos abre las puertas de su casa, y descansamos muy a gusto.Por la mañana salimos rumbo al Norte!!

Banyuls-sur-mer Port-Vendres – Saint Ciprien. Le Bacares y Leucate Port.Este dia lo resumimos en mas subidas mas bajadas y mas duros puertos de montaña. Vamos bastante por la carretera y a buen ritmo, nos desplazamos a caminos de playa, cruzamos bosques, lagos y mas rios. Al final, ya bastante cansados, calzamos el km 74 conseguimos encontrar el camping municipal y repetimos la odisea. Muchos km, muy buen dia, y bastante buen tiempo. Comenzaba lloviendo ligeramente, pero el resto del dia soleado. Ah si, mencion especial, aparte de ser protagonista el viento viniendo desde atras,

2013-05-09 18.26.15

nos encontramos con el primer tramo señalizado de la EuroVelo 8. Bastante bien trazado, separado de la circulacion y con espacio suficiente. Cuando se aleja de zonas mas urbanas, pasa por bosques etc. El buen amigo google nos sigue sin fallar y nos lleva por caminos que aun me pregunto como han logrado incluir en sus datos. Fin del dia:Encontramos el camping. Sin recepcion, como no. Dato malo, es festivo en Francia y esta casi lleno, pero encontramos sitio. Dato peor, lleno de chavales de 15 años de botellon ( se ve que es para lo que les gusta usar los campings), pero se van a dormir pronto. Menos mal que no tienen el espiritu de fiesta de españa 🙂 y es que en cafres tampoco nos ganan aqui ( y menos mal).



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